I Stalked a Monk in Bangkok

It seems like eternity since the last time I posted here. Instagram (IG) is the culprit. I have been posting quite a lot on Instagram and if you’re following me there you’d get a daily dose of photo from me. This post is actually intended for IG but the story is too long for a photo caption!

One of my goals in visiting Thailand was to photograph a monk. In one of our temple tours (Wat Pho), while wandering around I saw this young man walking alone and I had no idea where he was going. I just followed him hoping to capture a good photo, after 3 attempts he turned back and looked at me, and I was surprised like a guilty paparazzi. I asked him (while pointing at my camera), “Is it okay to take a photo of you?”. He didn’t reply but he stopped and stared at me (as if telling me, “what are you waiting for? Shoot me now!”) and I did shoot him with my Nikon D3100 caliber. At least, the last one is a decent photo (IMHO)!

And that my friends was the reason why I got lost while you were waiting inside the van and wondering where the hell was LittleTwoFeet!



Links to view some of my monk photographs:

Monks in Ayutthaya, Thailand

Monk in Chatuchak District, Bankok


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