Mt. Mayon: Beautiful but Deadly

The first news I heard when I woke up this morning was about the ash explosion of Mt. Mayon that killed 5 people.  Mt. Mayon is known for its near-perfect cone shape and is the most active volcano in the country. Reading the news, I recalled my experience of seeing  Mt. Mayon for the first time, it was 2 years ago.  I was still on the  plane and I didn’t expect to see such majestic mountain straight from the plane’s window.  She is grand and  powerful, you can’t just ignore her. She makes herself visible anywhere you go within Legazpi or Albay.  Mayon is a Bicolano word for beautiful, and this mountain definitely deserves to be called such name.  But this beautiful volcano has  killed thousands of people since the time it first erupted in 1616.

Who won’t be mystified by this landmark?! Mt. Mayon greeted me at the airport.
At the Cagsaua Ruins, the famous site where you can have a great view of the great mountain. I was too excited that I was still carrying my backpack while taking photos.
Mt. Mayon and the ruins of Cagsaua Church



View of the volcano from Daraga Church


Daraga Church and Mt. Mayon


Mt. Mayon as seen from Legazpi Highlands




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