Shopping Attack at Chatuchak

We arrived in Bangkok at past 11pm of Saturday. Our dear friend, I, greeted us at the airport with a warm welcome and a booming energy! I, that girl in high school, the very nurturing and caring leader in the Girl Scout squad. From the airport, I drove us to FoodLand Supermarket for our early breakfast. After the quick and hearty breakfast, we headed to her place.

Tired yet happy to be in our first destination, and most especially to be in our friend’s abode, we slept with a smile on our faces (but the truth is, we were smiling because we’re very excited for the weekend market later! shhhh)

We headed to Chatuchak at around 7:30am. It was a wet Sunday morning but the weather did not hinder us from walking around the most popular weekend market in Thailand. I was overwhelmed to see so many stalls inside and to see a tremendous amount of people walking around and walking sideways inside the market because the spaces in between stalls are very narrow.  Since the spaces in between stalls are very narrow and there are many people inside, one could easily notice that the variety of smell that you can inhale is directly proportional to the variety of items that you can see inside the shops!  Sometimes, I can hardly breathe not because of the sight of a cute little dress hanging inside the stall but because of the terrible natural scents that my fellow shoppers emit,  fellow shoppers from different countries who came to shop at this market called Chatuchak!

We were so caught up with shopping that we (intentionally)forgot to eat our lunch at the proper time. It was almost 2pm when we decided to eat. We’re very hungry and tired.  We couldn’t even compose ourselves; when my friend sat on the chair and leaned on the table, it wobbled and created a domino effect: the water, spoons, and chopsticks fell on the ground. It was such a mess, but we didn’t mind! We we couldn’t think properly because of our hungry belly.

According to I, we only explored 20% of the Chatuchak Market. The place is so wide that one whole day is not even enough for shoppers to fully explore the  entire area.  Most travel experts consider shopping at Chatuchak as one of the must do activities in Bangkok, and I absolutely agree with that.


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