Regret – Photo Challenge

Whatever he did or didn’t do that brought him to this condition, more likely he regretted it.

Before, I thought of “regret” as something that people experience when they could not justify their actions, when they could not find any good reason why they did or didn’t do this particular move. I used to believe that regret is a decision; it is something that you choose to feel, that one would only feel regret if one chooses to entertain and accept it.

Lately,  I  have realized that regret is inevitable, that no matter how much effort I try to veer away from that unpleasant feeling, there are just moments in life when one can slip away and do things that are unwise.  Lucky for those people who have not experienced any regret (yet) but then again (to convince myself), regret is something that one has to experience so one can strive to be better.




3 thoughts on “Regret – Photo Challenge

  1. Regret is out of impulse. I know I have yet to experience it…. actually I’m not so sure if I’ll call it “regret”. Been commenting the same reply, “regret” is such a strong word.

  2. If we are truly honest with ourselves, we have experienced regret, and it’s a good thing. It makes us make better choices and continue to improve ourselves. It’s when people can’t get past regret that they have problems. Great picture.

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