Spelunking in Sumaging

This cave is amazing!  There are more wonderful spots inside this cave that I wasn’t able to capture with my camera. One should never miss spelunking in Sumaging Cave when visiting Sagada in Mountain Province. It can be a little scary, very tiring, you have to do the crawling, have to use the rope to do some of the climbing, and the water is definitely freezing, but these are all nothing compares to the beauty that surrounds you and the experience that you will treasure for having traversed the magical maze that is — the cave of Sumaging.


2 thoughts on “Spelunking in Sumaging

  1. Unbelievable pictures! I could never go spelunking–I’m too much of a fraidy cat, but I have enjoyed visiting caverns here in the United States. I’ve been to the Ohio Caverns when I was growing up, and a couple of years ago I went to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. We used to go to caverns near our house in Texas all the time. I find them fascinating. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

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