4 thoughts on “In Vigan, where it all began

  1. How wonderful to have an adventure with friends! My best friend and I try to have an adventure once a year, but it’s not on the grand scale that you have! I noticed that you use some Spanish words, like calle. Our friends from the Phillipines speak both Spanish and Tagalog, but they are much older than you. Do you speak Spanish, too?

    1. Even if you don’t call it a grand scale type of adventure…but an adventure with one’s bestfriend is always grand! 😉 I don’t speak Spanish (although I want to learn and be able to speak the language fluently), the reason why we have Spanish words because of Spanish occupation in the Phils for hundreds of years..and most of the words in our dialect (Ilonggo) originate in Spanish language.sometimes they just vary in spelling… . 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and for all your lovely comments. 🙂

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