MassKara 2011 Part 2

Sorry it took me a long time to post the second part of my MassKara story. The part 1  talked about my15-hour adventure on the day before the highlight of the MassKara Festival. The highlight of the festival happens every 3rd Sunday of October.

The crisis in the sugary industry (the province’ main source of income) and the sinking of Don Juan ship that carried hundreds of residents from the province, are the main reasons why people in Bacolod are celebrating its annual MassKara Festival, where people wear colorful and smiling masks while dancing on the street.  The two tragedies that caused so much downtime and emotional turmoil were diverted into a celebration of smiles and happiness. This festival is a reminder to the people of Bacolod that it is not good to dwell on the negative side of life, a reminder to create and find joy in spite of crisis and tragedy.

Here are some of the smiling masks last October 16…



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