WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

A path is necessary for us to reach a destination. Without a path we might end up in a terrible situation.

Looking ahead, the view seems dark but the path said: "don’t be afraid for you are stepping on the right track."
The weather is not always guaranteed to be on our side but the path can assure us that we are on the safe side.
There are are times when the path would let us make a sudden turn, that is way we need to be careful and be ready for any twists and turns that might come along.
Sometimes the path is long and winding, and it is always good to have some patience and understanding.
And when the path makes it tougher to walk with our own two feet, it is always comforting to know that we can get some helping.
Best of all, whether it is a narrow, long, or a winding one, it doesn't matter as long as we are walking the path with our loved ones.

There you have it. My first entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge by WordPresss. Photos above were shot in different locations (La Carlota City, Zamboanga City, Guimaras, & Don Salvador Benedicto). Starting in this post, you would see photos without the name “littletwofeet, it takes so much time to do that and has the tendency to alter the picture, so I decided to just post the photos directly. Again, if ever you wish to use any photos  or content from this blog, please shoot me an email . Thanks.


6 thoughts on “WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

  1. I am always in awe of your photos. By the way, I just added you to my blogroll, if you don’t mind. I don’t remember how you found me, but I’m so glad you did. I wish my dad were alive to see these pictures. Salamat!

    1. Salamat din! (Thank you too!) To be part of your blogroll is an honor. (I will surely include you once I get to figure out how to do it) I discovered your post that was Freshly Pressed. That story with your brother made me reminisce my childhood memories . I used to climb trees with my brother. Unlike you, I always liked the idea of being part of the action hehehe, I even played basketball, football, and other sports with him and his friends. Do you have photos of your dad when he was here in our country?

      1. Actually, I might have some old pictures from during the war, or maybe my brother has them. I’ll have to look for them. The daughter of best friends of ours (my husband is her godfather) was in the Peace Corps for two years in your country. They are Filipino, and when we get together, which isn’t often anymore because we live so far away, Chit always cooks such wonderful things for us. Pancit luglog is one of my favorites. I always said, “Salamat para hapunan” after a meal. Forgive my spelling!

      2. I can imagine you speaking those Tagalog words! Cute! Your spelling is correct. It’s nice to know that you can relate to our culture and have some Filipino friends. 😉

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