Underground River

As I mentioned on my very first blog entry, there are thousands of islands that made up the Philippine archipelago. In this post, let me take you to the island of Palawan, where a long underground river  is situated. The Puerto Princesa Underground River is one of the 28 finalists to the  new7wonders of nature.  Here are some photos that I have captured when I visited the spot last May.

At Sabang beach, while eating lunch (before heading to the river).
The scenic view while riding the pump boat.
One of the many karst mountains that surround Puerto Princesa.

Rivers are always calm and serene unlike the waterfalls.

Complete serenity.
Yes, that is the entrance.
A closer view of the cave entrance.
Another close up view, cant have enough of it. It's overwhelming!
It was very dark inside. Each traveling boat only had one small light. I was losing my patience because I couldn't get a decent photo until this one!

There are different rock formations inside. There’s a part where you’d feel like you’re inside a dome, an underground dome that is higher than the cathedral! I was in awe while inside the cave, even after. The experience was mystical. Ineffable!

Another batch of explorers entered the cave while we're on the way out.
Back view of the entrance. Can you see a drop of mineral water?
And another group of navigators eager to experience the mystical power of the river under the ground.

If you have not voted for the new7wonders yet, now is the best time to do it. Just click the new7wonders and it will lead you to the official site. Help the world decide which among the 28 creations of nature are worthy to be on the top 7. And please remember to check the box for the Puerto Princesa Underground River. More photos of Puerto Princesa in my succeeding posts.


5 thoughts on “Underground River

  1. Amazing pictures! I wish my dad were still alive to see these. He was in Palawan during WWII and always talked about its beauty. When my mother died, he was so sad, he took a cruise back to the South Pacific because it brought back a time when he and mother were first married and gave him a sense of peace. I don’t know if he actually got to see Palawan again, though.

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