The Heavens are Weeping

The weather seems to be in a manic depressive state lately. It will rain hard then it will stop and it will rain again, it is very erratic! Right now, I am hearing the sound of the rain outside the window pane.  I am not complaining about the weather here because as I am writing this post, the people in the Caribbean and the East Coast in the US are experiencing the powerful blow of hurricane Irene.   I also read minutes ago that there is a typhoon at the northern part of the country. Hurricane in the Atlantic and typhoon in the Pacific! The heavens are weeping!

On a lighter note, I managed to capture some drops of rain last Tuesday….


4 thoughts on “The Heavens are Weeping

  1. Gorgeous pictures! I wish some of that rain would fall on my beloved Texas because they are experiencing the worst drought since the 1950’s. Terrible wildfires are everywhere, burning up acres and acres of land and destroying people’s homes. Yet other parts of the US are drenched.

    1. Thank you! It’s raining hard in New York and they had to cancel the tennis matches yesterday in the US Open. I heard about the fire incidents in Texas, sad story. I hope the rain will visit them soon.

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