Springtime in Paris



My blog says that it has been a year since I last posted here!  Please excuse me for being away for too long.  Let me make it up to  you (dear readers) by showing you my recent snaps…




7 Days in Malaysia

Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands
Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur

I was back in Malaysia after 3 years.  This time I stayed for 7 days instead of a few hours.  Thanks A and W: A — my travel buddy in crossing from Singapore to Malaysia, and W– our guide and host.  A had to go back to Singapore after 3 days while I stayed with W for another 2 days before I headed to Melaka for my solo adventure.







It took me a while to create a new post on my blog (shame is on me!).  These photos were taken during an adventure to Phuket with my friend,M, who currently lives in Singapore.  I was in Bangkok for three weeks and decided to meet her in Phuket to share an adventure together.

Thailand in Pictures

view of The River Kwai from Felix Resort in Kanchanaburri
The Bridge over The River Kwai in Kanchanaburri
view of Pattaya beach and buildings from Sattahip Naval Base
Pattaya Floating Market
Nong Nooch Botanical Garden in Pattaya
Nong Nooch Botanical Garden in Pattaya
sunset at Pattaya Beach
Primo Piazza in Khao Yai
Palio in Khao Yai
GranMonte Vineyard in Khao Yai

Long time, no talk. I have been preoccupied with a lot stuff lately and I could not find any motivation to make another blog post. But here I am now, and I hope I can post here more often.

As you know (based on my the last post), I was in Thailand. I stayed there for three weeks, spent time with my friend and her kids in Bangkok, we had a lot of road trips: we went to Khao Yai, Pattaya and Kanchanaburri. On my last few days in Thailand, I flew to Phuket and met another friend who is currently living in Singapore.

(photos in Phuket will be on a separate post)

The Walk at Kaset Nawamin









After my friend picked me up at the airport, we left my luggage in her house then we headed to this place to buy food for tomorrow’s breakfast.  She told me I was lucky that I arrived today because there’s a night market.  I am a fan of vintage stuff so I really enjoyed walking along the parking lot while snapping.

All photos shot with iPhone on July 2014 at The Walk, Kaset Nawamin (Bangkok, Thailand).

A Lasting Memory of Joy and Ecstacy

More than words, more than this picture could ever show you my emotional state when I saw this beauty. It was higher than euphoria. It was beyond magic. It was real! The perfect circle with its rich and intense colors of yellow, orange, and gold. I wanted to touch it, hold it and keep it so I could watch it always but it faded so fast and left me with only a memory … a lasting memory of joy and ecstacy.

(Photo taken at Sipalay, Negros Occidental, Philippines)


I Stalked a Monk in Bangkok

It seems like eternity since the last time I posted here. Instagram (IG) is the culprit. I have been posting quite a lot on Instagram and if you’re following me there you’d get a daily dose of photo from me. This post is actually intended for IG but the story is too long for a photo caption!

One of my goals in visiting Thailand was to photograph a monk. In one of our temple tours (Wat Pho), while wandering around I saw this young man walking alone and I had no idea where he was going. I just followed him hoping to capture a good photo, after 3 attempts he turned back and looked at me, and I was surprised like a guilty paparazzi. I asked him (while pointing at my camera), “Is it okay to take a photo of you?”. He didn’t reply but he stopped and stared at me (as if telling me, “what are you waiting for? Shoot me now!”) and I did shoot him with my Nikon D3100 caliber. At least, the last one is a decent photo (IMHO)!

And that my friends was the reason why I got lost while you were waiting inside the van and wondering where the hell was LittleTwoFeet!



Links to view some of my monk photographs:

Monks in Ayutthaya, Thailand

Monk in Chatuchak District, Bankok