A Lasting Memory of Joy and Ecstacy

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More than words, more than this picture could ever show you my emotional state when I saw this beauty. It was higher than euphoria. It was beyond magic. It was real! The perfect circle with its rich and intense colors of yellow, orange, and gold. I wanted to touch it, hold it and keep it so I could watch it always but it faded so fast and left me with only a memory … a lasting memory of joy and ecstacy.


I Stalked a Monk in Bangkok

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It seems like eternity since the last time I posted here. Instagram (IG) is the culprit. I have been posting quite a lot on Instagram and if you’re following me there you’d get a daily dose of photo from me. This post is actually intended for IG but the story is too long for a photo caption!

One of my goals in visiting Thailand was to photograph a monk. In one of our temple tours (Wat Pho), while wandering around I saw this young man walking alone and I had no idea where he was going. I just followed him hoping to capture a good photo, after 3 attempts he turned back and looked at me, and I was surprised like a guilty paparazzi. I asked him (while pointing at my camera), “Is it okay to take a photo of you?”. He didn’t reply but he stopped and stared at me (as if telling me, “what are you waiting for? Shoot me now!”) and I did shoot him with my Nikon D3100 caliber. At least, the last one is a decent photo (IMHO)!

And that my friends was the reason why I got lost while you were waiting inside the van and wondering where the hell was LittleTwoFeet!



Links to view some of my monk photographs:

Monks in Ayutthaya, Thailand

Monk in Chatuchak District, Bankok

The Expressions of Tintin

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It’s harvest season so I decided to go to Guimaras to take photos of the farmers in the rice field.  When I arrived, this little fellow tagged along.  I started taking a few photos on our way to the fields but she was into posing in front of the camera, so it turned out that she has more photos than the farmers.  You just met Tintin, my newest model.  :-)

The food is not bad, the music is not lousy, and the paintings are cool!

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Photo Essay :  Paintings in Imbiss.  I keep coming back in this restaurant because it is a good place to eat and chill.  And the pieces of artwork displayed in here are interestingly cool!

Twin Popsies — Wacky and Yana

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It’s been a long day for me but I am happy that I have accomplished a lot of tasks. One of my day’s highlights is capturing the moments of this adorable fraternal twin — Wacky and Yana, who will be celebrating their first birthday this weekend! Happy Birthday, Twin Popsies!

Yana and Wacky!



Wacky and Yana!

Water Lilies at the Temple

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Visiting Angkor Wat in an early morning was a wonderful treat. Not only did I get to see the rising of the sun over the towers of Angkor but I also received a sweet treat of water lilies from a little Cambodian girl. The two girls were picking up lilies and when someone passes by they offer the flowers. The smaller girl approached me, “I have flowers for you.” Thinking that she was selling those flowers, I said: “Oh, Thank you! But I don’t have money.” “No! This is for free!” Such a sweet little fellow! I accepted the flower, thanked her, and asked her to have our photo taken. I got 1 stalk and brought it with me the entire time that I was walking around the temple. Kids from Cambodia are really the sweetest and they speak good English too.









Mt. Mayon: Beautiful but Deadly

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The first news I heard when I woke up this morning was about the ash explosion of Mt. Mayon that killed 5 people.  Mt. Mayon is known for its near-perfect cone shape and is the most active volcano in the country. Reading the news, I recalled my experience of seeing  Mt. Mayon for the first time, it was 2 years ago.  I was still on the  plane and I didn’t expect to see such majestic mountain straight from the plane’s window.  She is grand and  powerful, you can’t just ignore her. She makes herself visible anywhere you go within Legazpi or Albay.  Mayon is a Bicolano word for beautiful, and this mountain definitely deserves to be called such name.  But this beautiful volcano has  killed thousands of people since the time it first erupted in 1616.


Who won’t be mystified by this landmark?! Mt. Mayon greeted me at the airport.


At the Cagsaua Ruins, the famous site where you can have a great view of the great mountain. I was too excited that I was still carrying my backpack while taking photos.


Mt. Mayon and the ruins of Cagsaua Church


When I was a kid, I just read Mt. Mayon from textbooks, now I am posing for a photo with this beautiful mountain.



The remains of Cagsaua Church that was destroyed by Mt. Mayon.





View of the volcano from Daraga Church



Daraga Church and Mt. Mayon



Mt. Mayon as seen from Legazpi Highlands



Look! I am bigger than Mayon!



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